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Do Silk Pillowcases Last Long?

One of the most common questions we get asked from potential Ionic Investors is "how long will I be able to use it for?" or "does it really last that long?" Since officially launching in June 2020 our answers have always been and will continue to be "a year plus" and "yes, absolutely!" We can say this with 100% sincerity and conviction because at the time of publishing this blog some of the members of Team Ionic are still using an Ionic Pillowcase from a sample batch we received nearly TWO YEARS ago, and guess what? The pillowcases are still perfect and going strong! One of the biggest reasons for this, aside from our silk producers having previously been nominated to gift ACTUAL ROYALTY with the same silk we use to make Ionic, is also due to the fact that we care for our Ionics properly and always follow the advised wash care guidelines. Although our pillowcases are machine wash friendly when washed on a delicate cycle, we recommend to try to opt for a hand wash when possible. Our hands are some of the most gentle tools that we own and it really allows for a more targeted cleanse plus it uses less water than a machine cycle.

Another reason that the durability of an Ionic Pillowcase is unmatched (as we are all aware of at this point or at least we hope we are) is that our silk fibres are infused with silver ion technology, which as we all know (again we hope we all know) targets and destroys the harmful bacteria that can cause or lead to breakouts, blemishes and skin irritations. Not only this, but our patented ionic silver also protects the silk fibres from microbes that can cause the breakdown of the material leaving it compromised and therefore having a shorter product life span. This is a feature that most traditional Mulberry silk pillowcases do not have in common as the natural antibacterial or antimicrobial properties that silk naturally possesses are removed during the production process. We think that you can now agree with us when we say that Ionic Pillowcase is made not only to be an extension of your skin care but just as importantly, it is made to last.

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For further information on how to care your Ionic check out the "Why Ionic?" dropdown on our website.