Silk & Silver.. An Iconic, Ionic Duo - Ionic Pillowcase

Silk & Silver.. An Iconic, Ionic Duo

ionic silk pillowcase  

Today is the day that the Ionic Pillowcase (IP) launches: a 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase infused with silver ion technology for enhanced skin clarity and hair smoothness, and we are so unbelievably happy to share it with you all!

Designed in Ireland and made with some of the world's finest 100% Mulberry silk available, Ionic Pillowcase is paired with our patented silver ion technology. This same technology has been proven to reduce the presence of the harmful bacteria that is known to cause blemishes and other skin imperfections by 99.9% when compared with traditional silk pillowcases and other materials. Amazing news for those of us who can be prone to breakouts! Additionally, studies show that a silk surface draws less moisture from the skin than cotton, which preserves the skin’s supple touch and discourages the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Produced from the highest available grade of silk (6 A) and the most desirable weight of 22 momme, the Ionic Pillowcase is Irish-owned and currently the first 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase to incorporate the healing and bacteria fighting benefits of silver ions.

In addition to its skin-enhancing bacteria preventing properties, the IP has also been shown to reduce hair tangling and knots which can lead to the cause of hair loss and breakage, and to help prolong the shape and style of hair following styling. For those prone to oily hair, the IP can also reduce the appearance of oil build-up on the hair. With all these amazing benefits and more, we know you'll be obsessed with it just as much as we are.


Silk now has a silver lining....