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Why You Need An Ionic Silk Pillowcase

So Ionic Pillowcase has bacteria fighting technology. Why is this important? 

Oil, dirt, sweat, makeup etc. can build up daily on our pillowcase, leaving some of us more predisposed to breakouts because, well, we could be sleeping on a fabric Petri dish (we know, apologies). Even more so if a person already experiences inflammatory skin conditions. The silk that Ionic Pillowcase is made from is infused with ionic silver, as it (silver) is a natural element well known for its healing properties in wound and acne treatment. 

When compared to traditional silk pillowcases, Ionic Pillowcase provides additional protection from harmful bacteria that is known to cause skin imperfections and irritations, by 99.9%. This comes in handy when maintaining clean, healthy and flawless skin plus your Ionic will require less washing. Did we mention that our patented S.I.T (silver ion technology) doesn't change the colour or smooth texture of the fabric AND is safe for people and the environment too? Sustainable, non-toxic, non-irritating, EU BPR and US EPA compliant, the list goes on. Clean skin, no bedhead and less tangles. Believe it or not there are still more benefits to investing in an Ionic Pillowcase that we haven't mentioned here but we'll leave them for another day.

Until then love & thanks,

Team Ionic