Frequently asked questions about Ionic Silk Pillowcase and products


What does S.I.T mean?

S.I.T means silver ion technology.


What does Grade 6 A long fibre mean?

The quality of Mulberry silk is determined by the length of the silk fibre. To identify the highest quality, silk is divided into three groups A, B and C, with 6 A being top tier of all the grades.

What is momme?

Unlike other fabrics that are measured by the thread count, silk is measured by its weight known as momme. The higher the number of momme, the heavier the weight of fabric making it more durable. Ionic Pillowcases are 22 momme which is ideal for sleeping on.

Is Ionic Pillowcase machine washable?

Although most silk pillowcases are machine washable in a delicate bag these days, we really want our customers to have use of their pillowcase for as long as possible. For this reasons we recommend that you hand wash it only.

How do I care for my Ionic Pillowcase?

We advise you to always follow the care label instructions. Hand was with a PH neutral detergent in cold water and allow to drip air dry. Once fully dry, iron on on reverse with a cool temperature iron. Thankfully because of our S.I.T you will only have to do this at a maximum of once every seven days.


Where can I buy Ionic Pillowcase?

Ionic Pillowcase is available from our website ionic-silk.com or via our retailers Luminess Skin & Laser clinic in Ireland, and Face Therapy NI in the UK